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Getting messy!

So for all my life I have been a messy person.  My room is a mess.  My studio desk is a mess. My bed is never made.  My thoughts are a mess.  FINALY I have a reason why I am the way I am!  I have always said that it was an organized mess and now I have readings to prove me right!  My studio desk is set up perfectly that I can start working as soon as I sit down.  I don’t have to get everything out, re tape everything down, or get situated. It’s all there waiting for me.  I can’t seem to find anything when I clean it all up.  I can somehow hop into bed perfectly, where as if I made it I would have to get all situated. Time I would rather use to sleep.  Most of all my thoughts are messy.

My thoughts are messy, but in my head they make sense.  I really like the idea of being messy.  I think you lose a certain something when thoughts all seem to go together perfectly.  There is generally a train of thoughts that connects the ideas from one to another.

When I found this picture it was labeled “guaranteed creative”  how perfect?

Being messy while brainstorming.  Now that is fun.  Being messy allows you to explore new ideas and seemingly unrelated ideas get tied in and turned into new solutions.  It’s ok to steer off topic because it may bring you to a new crazy idea that just might work, and if that doesn’t, then maybe the next idea will!  A great thing about being messy is that ideas and thoughts can be shoved around very fast.  More ideas get out in a short amount of time, and with great diversity.  If the topic of a brainstorm is too narrow, then ideas will be similar and slim.  This brings us back to the perfect brainstorm.

The image came from this web site: http://www.funnyyoushouldask.biz/blog/?p=810

it is another blog about messy creators.  I thought it was a bit perfect for this blog.

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  1. danielmcooper
    April 19, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Mary, Do you find it fascinating that most “Messy people” Still see order in their chaos, and are able to find exactly what they are looking for, even when others just see a big mess (ex. like a messy room)?

    Even messy thoughts still have logic and order to them in the eye of the beholder.

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